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Last Alarm

Listed on the following pages are members of the Anne Arundel County Professional FireFighters, Local 1563 who are no longer with us.

Feb 14, 2006





   The Anne Arundel County Professional Fire Fighters regretfully list the following Brothers who gave their life in the ultimate sacrifice. 



Firefighter/Paramedic John C. Greene - July 31, 2004

   Firefighter William R. Chambers - November 12, 1996 

 Firefigher James P. Weeks - October 29, 1988

    Firefighter Howard N. Phelps - January 10, 1987

    Firefighter Patrick A. Bauer - December 27, 1976

   Firefighter John F. Balcer - April 9, 1970

Feb 14, 2006


In Memoriam

The following represents deceased career employees of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department. All have completed their service, retired and passed away; or passed away while still on active duty (AD).


Donald R. Amrhein

Charles W. Appleton (AD)

Larry W. Archer

Joseph H. Aten

Robert M. Behn

Edward A. Bell

Frank Bell (AD)

Charles Benning

Albert Bunker

Frank W. Burgess

Vincent D. Caplins (AD)

Calvin B. Cavey, Sr.

Joseph H. Chase

Kenneth A. Cofiell (AD)

Robert L. Coltrane

Robert P. Coltrane

Andrew J. Covhavey(AD)

George A. Daniels

Robert W. Darr, Jr.

Jeffery C. Day

Warren T. Daywalt

Graydon C. Dressel

John F. Dull (AD)

William F. Duncan

Edward M. Dunn, Sr.

Louis Elliott

David E. Fowler

Marion Ford

Lawrence A. Gardiner, Sr. (AD)

Mark A. Garrick (AD)

Harold E. Geis, Jr.

Thomas A. German

Michael B. Golden(AD)

James W. Gosnell

George Griffith, Sr.

John B. Griffith

Robert W. Griffith

William J. Grimm

William C. Gunkle

Andrew G. Handschuh

Joseph A. Hardesty

James M. Hasselhoff

Gordon C. Hatt

Andrew D. Haven

David B Hayes

Thomas G. Heckner (AD)                       

John C. Hines, Sr.

Timothy J. Hines (AD)

Howard W. Hodges

Ramon E. Hodgson, Jr.

Frank E. Homberg, Sr. (AD)

Charles W. Hood

William J. Hubers

Walter R. Isaac

Raymond Jeffries

C. Edward Jett

Roger W. Johnson (AD)

Walter A. Johnson, Jr

E. Francis Jones

Allen S. Justice

Harry W. Klasmeier

Donald J. Katoski (AD)

Raymond M. Kinsey

Kenneth R. Ladd(AD)

Alvin W. Lenz

Thomas E. Madkins

Keith B Mallek

Charles O. Matthews, Sr.

Wannie C. McMillion

Michael S. Moore

Melvin L. Morrison

Louis A. Moreland (AD)

Jack H. Morgan

Walter F. Myers

Elizabeth B. Nahory (AD)

John E. Naumann, Sr. (AD)

Michael J. O’Connor (AD)

James V. Osterman (AD)

Wayne A. Overson

Sidney N. Owens

Raymond M. Peake

Guy L. Pearl

Burton W. Phelps

Raymond E. Phillips

Donald O. Pumphrey

Carol A. Rabinowitz

James R. Revell

Phillip V. Rogers

David G. Ross(AD)

Charles C. Schreiber, Sr.

Harry H. Schreiber

Donald C. Schultheis

Calvin E. Sears, Sr.

Robert B. Sears

Henry L. Seibert

James L. Seibert

William E. Shipley

David Soutar

Peter M. Spadola

John M. Speake, Sr.

James G. Stallings

Milton R. Sterling

Harry Sumner

Robert L. Terry

Carroll W.Theirgartner, Sr.

James H. Thomas

Clarence H. Thorn,Jr.

John K. Trader

Henry Tribull

Albert W. Urban

Edwin H. Utz

George A. Wagner (AD)

George E. Ward

Charles W. Wareheim, Sr.

John D. West (AD)

Clyde C. Willis

Charles F. Wilson, Jr.

Elmer O. Windsor, Jr.

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